Sun, Sun, Sun. Here It Comes.

The shift to New York City spring follows a familiar pattern: skittishly unpredictable weather leading to uncertain modes of dress. But with the rise in temperature, the style of the city often blooms along with it. It’s marvelous to behold; discarding heavy wools for lighter cottons, short skirts and even shorter sleeves. One of the big standouts is the white maxi skirt, a signal of a lightness of mood and fresh possibilities.

We often think of spring as the time of year when colors burst, like our favorite botanicals — the brighter the better — but people also made the case for neutrals. Brown and earthy tones give weight and a touch of class. There’s been an uptick of fire engine red — particularly with flat shoes — but the best finds remain the coordinated outfits for couples and friends, similar to duos in Tokyo last year. Finally, a standing ovation for the men, who were impeccably groomed.

An assortment of sporty and spice.

Casual but business in high boots…
… and here it’s casual but easy.
A little bit of lace never hurt anyone.
Varsity hues.
Accessorizing with a dash of red.
This vintage look begins with a great jacket and ends with a wonderful patina on the boots.
Spotted lots of red flats this season; here, using the red over-the-shoulder sweater to build out a more robust colorway.
An interesting lesson in pairing brown and black by using minimal stripes to tie them both together.
An example of using white to break them up while remaining in concert with each other.
Pulling together so much of what’s in: white maxi dress, check; over-the-shoulder sweater, check; fringey handbag, check; and big hair clips. Or…
In came the warm spring day, out came the white dresses.
Complementary neutrals, matching matchas.
Cycling through the West Village as if it’s 1980s London.
Couldn’t get over this matching white cargo trousers situation.
A serendipitous coordination plan? Maybe yes, maybe no, but fun all the same.
The black loafer can sometimes be hard to pair, but one can never go wrong with a trusted pair of denim jeans.
Who said long locks can’t be sharply cut and well-groomed?
Sculpting away distractions.
“Do you want to ask them where they get their style news?”
Subverting a classic ensemble with an anatomy lesson.
Sometimes we don’t realize it’s us who are worthy of the photo.
A beautifully vivid knit that broke up an otherwise subdued Eighth Avenue.
So much to love: from the chain belt to the loafer mule.
A more understated mix of blue and green.
The Knicks may have lost the Eastern Conference semifinals, but their colors are always a winner.
On a warm day of the season, she took spring in full stride.
Focused in different places but vibing in the same direction.

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