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While choosing kitchen counters to be used in homes, many people have turned to granite countertops in recent years, but quartz is among the other alternatives. In this respect, although choosing a workbench is a difficult process with being between two materials, the most important point is how well the materials used have a structure.

Although alternatives such as quartz (quartz) and granite make it difficult for you to choose countertops today, the place you own, the decoration of the place and your taste are always important at this point. Although quartz is a processed stone, it provides a synthetic and fabricated marble counter-like structure in which different chemical materials are added. Granite, on the other hand, is among the choices that provide a healthy, organic and more enjoyable process with its structure obtained as natural stone in natural mines. All details about the granite showroom are on our website.

What are the Features of Quartz Countertops?

As a naturally occurring hard mineral, quartz can create a great strength and quality when used alone. However, since it cannot be used alone, a synthetic structure is obtained with many different additives in the production of quartz countertops. While obtaining this structure, it is a great advantage that a pore-free result is obtained. In other words, bacteria do not easily multiply on a quartz countertop and stains appear very difficult.

In terms of color, quartz countertops offer clear tones such as black, white or brown, or different tones such as gold, blue, gray, dark blue or green with additives. Thanks to this structure, quartz countertops can be chosen more freely and to achieve different kitchens.

In general, quartz countertops are 97% natural, easily maintained, non-porous and flexible. However, when a quartz countertop is used in a kitchen, the reflected light harms the body, while it may cause an unhealthy effect and discolor in a short time since it contains a very small amount of radioactive gas, namely rhodon.

What are the Features of Granite Countertops?

Granite, which has a natural stone structure, is used by polishing after it is taken out in large blocks, cut and given the desired shape. While it has a highly resistant structure, it is very hard to scratch and provides high resistance to water. However, while quartz countertops have a wide range of colors, granite countertops usually come in white and its tones. You can contact us for the details of the granite expo fair.

Quartz countertops can be cleaned very simply with household cleaning materials and a cloth. However, granite countertops should be sealed and polished with granite polishing and polishing at certain periods. Despite all this, granite provides a durable use thanks to its 100% natural structure and colors that are not always the same and change tones.

Breaks and cracks in granite countertops can be easily removed. In fact, at this point, it provides much higher durability against breakage and cracking than quartz countertops. Granite countertops always offer a more durable and environmentally friendly structure than quartz countertops. However, while it is very difficult to hide the seams at the junction points on granite, it requires a much more difficult structure to apply in a decorative sense compared to real stones.

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