Why Biden Is Behind in the Polls

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To the Editor:

Re “Seven Theories for Why Biden Is Losing (and What He Should Do About It),” by Ezra Klein (column,, May 19):

President Biden,

Your campaign is failing, as spelled out plainly by Mr. Klein, and your chances of winning seem increasingly out of reach.

For love of country, I ask that you look honestly at yourself, relinquish pride, dispel delusions regarding your electability, reassess your decision to run again and drop out of the race for the good of the country. Democracy is at stake!

For a long time now polling has consistently shown low approval ratings, the preferences of most voters that you not run again and qualms about your age, but you decided to run anyway. You insisted that you were the best candidate to beat Donald Trump and that you must do so for the good of the country.

Most voters don’t want Mr. Trump or you to run again. Democrats can bolster their chances of winning by running a different candidate, a candidate with fresh energy and perspective who could stir passions and motivate people to vote — none of which you’ve demonstrated an ability to do effectively.

Several moderate-leaning Democratic candidates had the stuff to pull it off if given the chance (Josh Shapiro, Michael Bennet, Amy Klobuchar, Jim Himes, Elissa Slotkin are just a few of them). There is still time to fix this if you would just allow it.

Let go and take a back seat. History will be much kinder to you than if you stayed the course and lost our democracy to Mr. Trump.

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