What’s the Biggest Story on Your Campus?

It’s a tumultuous time to be a college student. Undergraduate campuses have become hot spots for a host of cultural issues, with politicians and thought leaders debating how best to educate the next generation. Often left out of those discussions are the very students who will be affected.

The Times wants to hear from undergraduate college and university students about the biggest stories on campus right now. We especially want to hear from juniors and seniors, who have spent the last few years attending school during a period of protests for racial justice, debates about freedom of speech, what can and cannot be taught in classrooms. We also want to hear about issues of national resonance that are more specific to your campus.

In addition to hearing from college students around the country, we want to team up with student journalists. You’re the ones on the ground. We can help you tell these stories by bringing them to The Times’s audience.

We will not publish any part of your submission without contacting you first. We may use your contact information to follow up with you. You may hear from a reporter with follow-up questions on your submission — or, if you indicate that you’re interested in reporting with us, more details on how you can do so, what that would entail and what you’d get out of the partnership. Level of credit given in potential collaborations is dependent on reporting involvement.

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